Chick-fil-A Holiday Hack: Peppermint Chocolate Chunk Cookie Sandwiches


No chimney climbing required to enjoy this cookie treat.

From gingerbread to sugar, cookies are the classic indulgence during the holidays. But who says you have to stop there? Inspired by a favorite bakery sweet, this simple recipe featuring Chick-fil-A’s Chocolate Chunk Cookies puts a jolly twist on your go-to holiday dessert.

• Chocolate Chunk Cookie Tray (ordered off the Catering menu – small tray serves 12 and large tray serves 24)
• Peppermint or vanilla ice cream
• Peppermints
• 1 plastic bag
• Mallet 

• Place peppermints in a large plastic bag and crush using mallet.

• Scoop slightly thawed peppermint or vanilla ice cream between two Chocolate Chunk Cookies.

• Take your cookie sandwich and roll the sides in crushed peppermint pieces.

• Grab a glass of milk for dunking and enjoy!

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