Chick-fil-A Fruit Trays and oranges combine to make a frigteningly nutrious snack.

How do you get kids to eat something nutritious on Halloween? Make it fun and festive!

In just three steps, we’ve combined a Chick-fil-A Fruit Tray and carved out oranges for a simple and fun way to serve fresh-cut fruit.  


  • Chick-fil-A Fruit Tray (small trays serve up to 12, while large trays serve up to 26)
  • Oranges
  • Edible food coloring marker
  • Spoon


  • Carefully cut off the top of each orange and carve out the inside using a spoon or other carving utensil

  • Draw a jack-o’-lantern face on each orange

  • Fill each orange with fruit and serve

Complete your Halloween spread with two more treats made from Chick-fil-A Catering: Mummy Strips for a hearty snack and Chocolate Chuck Vampire Teeth to satisfy the sweet tooth (or fangs!).

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