Spreading the love… and the Barbeque Sauce


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We know you love Chick-fil-A. And guess what? The feeling is mutual.  

Turns out there’s so much love around here that hearts are popping up all over Chick-fil-A restaurants. Waffle fries that look like heart emojis: Coincidence? We think not. Sandwiches that say “I Love You”? Consider that a Valentine’s Day card from us. 

We’ve been seeing you share the love all over social media, and here’s just a few of our favorites: 


Would ya look at that, chick-fil-a loves me too.😍🐔 #chickfila #chickfilaiowa #iloveyoutoo

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Chick-fil-a loves me! #chickfila

A photo posted by Lauren McFee (@laurenphotogirl) on


Chick-fil-A knows it's the love of my life. ❤😊 #chickfila #heartshapedchicken

A photo posted by Leanna 🌻 (@lee_ann_uhh) on

Keep sharing and tagging. Happy Valentine's Day!

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