The seasonal favorite is only available for a limited time- get it while it's hot!

If the weather has you convinced Pennsylvania’s famous, season-predicting rodent got it wrong and spring is—at a minimum—six, long frightful weeks away, fear not! Restaurants across the country are serving piping hot Chicken Tortilla Soup until March 12th. With a creamy blend of navy, northern and black beans, mixed vegetables, and spices combined with shredded chicken and tortilla strips, you might find yourself singing, “Let it Snow.”

So how do we like our soup? Hot. Otherwise, it's all just scenery. Speaking of scenes, here are three of our soup-pairing favorites:

Voracious reader? Don’t read hungry. Pick up a spoon to go with your can’t-put-it-down. After all, devouring an epic book calls for an equally large helping of sustenance. That’s why our soup comes in medium and large. Bonus: with the heat it packs, the fireplace is just for ambiance.


Night in? Pass on the popcorn. This dinner and a movie is only to be interrupted by the sounds of your glorious crunching on tortilla strips. Sprinkle with care, or dunk them in all at once. Everyone has a method. And the good news is you won’t be disturbing the stranger on your right who also happens to be dominating your arm rest.


Rain hitting the window pane doesn't have quite the  same effect as the soothing rhythm of drops against a tin roof. But it is what you make it. Grab a spoon and create a new beat with the ring of utensil against bowl.



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