Peppermint Milkshake Pie


Grab a Chick-fil-A® Peppermint Chip Milkshake from your nearest Chick-fil-A restaurant and shake up your holiday menu with this easy-to-make dessert

Looking for a new festive dessert to enjoy with friends and family? The Peppermint Milkshake Pie recipe has all the right ingredients to satisfy anyone with a sweet tooth and is perfect for home chefs of all ages and skill levels. 
In fact, with only five ingredients, this holiday treat can be whipped up in no time. The cherry — err, mini chocolate chips — on top? Our pie is delicious even when everything’s not perfect. Made with our Peppermint Chip Milkshake, the recipe works (some might say even is better!) if the milkshake melts a little bit on the ride to your home. 

Transforming a holiday drink into a festive dessert 
Our seasonal Peppermint Chip Milkshake is a customer-favorite when it returns to restaurants each holiday season, so when Chick-fil-A chef Christy Cook wondered if you could turn the minty, melty milkshake into a pie, we pulled up a chair and a fork to find out. 
If you love the Peppermint Chip Milkshake, just wait until you try stirring it together with whipped topping, crushed peppermint and mini chocolate chips and pouring it into a ready-to-eat chocolate pie crust. 
Talk about a sweet surprise. Watch Christy in this video as she whips up a Peppermint Milkshake Pie in a few short steps, and then try the recipe for yourself. 

What you’ll need

  • 1 Chick-fil-A® Peppermint Chip Milkshake (if the milkshake is melted, even better!)
  • 6 oz. ready-to-eat chocolate pie crust
  • 8 oz. carton whipped topping, thawed
  • ¼ cup crushed peppermint (about 4 regular candy canes)
  • ¼ cup mini chocolate chips

Time to shake things up

  • Stir 4 oz. of whipped topping and Peppermint Chip Milkshake together with crushed peppermint and mini chocolate chips (set aside 1 tbsp of the mints and chips for the topping). If the milkshake is melted, just whisk together to mix evenly with the whipped topping.
  • Once mixed, pour into the pie crust. Cover and freeze for a minimum of 4 hours.
  • Before serving, top with 4 oz. of whipped topping, then sprinkle on the remaining crushed mints and chocolate chips.
  • Slice and share with friends and family, or enjoy yourself!

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