It's simple logic

If you’re a proud user of Chick-fil-A One, then you know there’s a lot to love about our new mobile app. From skipping the lines, to receiving unexpected treats, to easily customizing and saving your favorite orders, Chick-fil-A One is designed to make it easier than ever to enjoy your meal. Since launching on June 1, the mobile app spent three days in the number one spot in the iTunes App Store, and since then, more than 5 million customers have jumped on the Chick-fil-A One bandwagon.

But maybe you don’t do bandwagons. Maybe you need cold, hard facts before making up your mind. If you still need convincing that Chick-fil-A One is right for you, allow us to present the soundest of logic.

1. Chick-fil-A One is fast. Really fast.

2. It is the solution to your I-need-waffle-fries-right-now problem.

3. Everyone has a preference, and the app remembers yours. Spoiler: they’re all tasty.

4. Let’s be honest, is this even a real question?

Ready to take your Chick-fil-A fandom to the next level? Download the Chick-fil-A One mobile app today!

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