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Take the guesswork out of holiday shopping this year

What’s better than enjoying a warm Chick-fil-A® meal? Getting to share it with others.

This holiday season, let Chick-fil-A take the guesswork out of your gift shopping with Chick-fil-A™ eGift Cards and Chick-fil-A Gift Cards. Available in a wide variety of styles for friends and family, young and old, they will be sure to delight anyone on your list.

Here’s what we love about our Chick-fil-A gift cards:

  1. Our new eGift Cards can be purchased and sent online right from your phone.

    eGift Cards are available in dollar amounts from $5 to $100, and can be purchased here. To purchase, simply choose the design you’d like, personalize your eGift Card by sending to you or a loved one, add to cart, checkout and enjoy!

    Learn more about our new eGift Cards here.

  2. Our Gift Cards are still available at participating Chick-fil-A restaurants or retailers near you.

    Chick-fil-A physical gift cards are available for purchase at most Chick-fil-A restaurant locations. Find your nearest restaurant here. You can also purchase a Gift Card at many of the places you shop every day, like grocery stores, pharmacies and other large retailers.

    Note that most Chick-fil-A Express™ and licensed Chick-fil-A locations such as music venues, baseball stadiums, airports or universities do not sell or redeem gift cards.

  3. Both the eGift Card and Gift Card can be loaded onto your Chick-fil-A® App.

    Save space in your wallet by using the Chick-fil-A App to load your gift cards into your Chick-fil-A One® account. For both eGift Cards and Chick-fil-A Gift Cards, just open your app, select “Scan” at the bottom of your screen, click “Add Funds”, and select the option to “Transfer a gift card.”

    It’s that easy!

  4. They never expire.

    Chick-fil-A eGift Cards and Gift Cards do not have an expiration date, and gift cards purchased at participating Chick-fil-A restaurants can be reloaded when funds are running low.

    You can also check your Chick-fil-A gift card balance in four different ways:

    1. Check the bottom of your receipt to see your remaining funds
    2. Ask a restaurant Team Member to perform a balance check
    3. Call 1-888-232-1864
    4. Check the Chick-fil-A App if you’ve loaded the gift card there


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