Inside Chick-fil-A

The Cows hit the road, and their barn was all yours 

We’ve got some good news to share: National Burger Month is over, and the Cows are back in their barn, safe and sound.
During the scariest month for the Cows, they got out of town to stay incognito -- and away from burger lovers!
And so to make the most of their empty barn abode, the Cows listed the Jasper, Ga., spot on Homestay for Chick-fil-A fans to come and visit. They fluffed pillows, made the beds and straightened the paintings. It was the loveliest house filled with hay that you’ve ever seen.
So how did it go? Lucky for us, we’ve got a video giving all the highlights. And judging by the Facebook and Instagram posts from the folks who came to stay, everyone had a blast.
Welcome home, guys!

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