Inside Chick-fil-A

Some of life’s best moments happen over coffee and biscuits

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Think back on all the mornings in your life. Most were probably routine: The alarm went off, you woke up and got yourself – and maybe everyone else in your house – out the door. The next morning the alarm went off, and you did it all over again.

But other mornings may have been different. They felt like beginnings. The start of a road trip, bringing home a baby, your first day at a new job.

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We call those “mornings worth sharing” – and we love it when we get to be a part of them.

Inspired by real people who have shared some of their most memorable moments with Chick-fil-A, we created a series of videos celebrating their stories.

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If you have your own moment to share, please tag us on social media with the hashtag #MorningsWorthSharing. We’d love to hear your story, too.

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