Inside Chick-fil-A

His father deployed, South Carolina student finds unlikely help at Chick-fil-A before big school day

For his first home football game, Columbia, S.C., student Terence Frechette needed to arrive to school that morning wearing a dress shirt and tie. One problem: Terence didn’t know how to tie a tie. It’s a skill his father would have taught him, but he was currently deployed.

That morning, Terence’s grandmother, Bertha Graham, drove him to Chick-fil-A Decker Blvd. for breakfast on the way to school – a tradition for the pair. On a whim, as she ordered breakfast, she asked the restaurant staff if anyone behind the counter knew how to tie a tie. A Team Member named Matt Brammer emerged from the kitchen and quickly got to work.

Graham was overcome with gratitude. “[Terence’s] dad wasn’t here, so therefore Matt stood in his place,” she said.

The experience changed the way Brammer views work. “Yes, I’m making chicken sandwiches,” he said. “But I’m doing more than that. I’m possibly impacting people for good.”

Terence’s story is the latest featured in Chick-fil-A’s “little things” initiative, spotlighting real small acts of kindness that inspired large moments of joy.

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