Chick-fil-A employee and customer sitting on red couch

Inside Chick-fil-A

Sitting down with the people whose stories have touched our lives

In a world where the news of the day is often disheartening, there are those, who through small acts of kindness, break through and make new headlines. Their stories are the ones that bring smiles to our faces, restore our faith in humanity and inspire us to take more care with each other.

You know the stories, the ones you’ve shared on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram—those moments that you just can’t help but pass on to your friends, families and followers. They’re the moments that often “go viral,” changing the conversations of the day to entirely new headlines of hope and kindness. 

Take Marcus Henderson for instance. He’s a Chick-fil-A Team Member in Lubbock, TX. When a customer drove off without his three dollars in change, Henderson held on to it until the customer returned weeks later. His simple, yet thoughtful gesture made national news.

It’s those moments—that often happen daily in our restaurants—that you’ve snapped pictures of, documented in your feeds and tagged us in at Chick-fil-A. From Team Members changing tires for stranded drivers, to the many times they’ve grabbed umbrellas in the face of driving rain to get customers safely to their cars, and even instances where they’ve protected customers from mama birds watching their nests—it’s through the lens of your experiences, the images captured from your phones, that we’ve seen all these little moments, these little things, build up people and communities one tiny gesture at a time.

Following your lead, we tracked down the people who inspired many of our favorite moments. Sitting on a big, red couch together in our studios, they shared with us how seemingly “little things” have made a big impact in their lives…. And then we went back to their hometowns and communities to learn more.

In these videos, we’ll introduce you to Marcus Henderson. You’ll learn how Helenann Song made it a little easier for Alicia Vann to enjoy some quality time with her family.

To us, these are the people and the moments that make living and working in your communities so special.

We hope you enjoy these stories as much as we have. So, keep the good news stories coming as we celebrate the people and stories behind #thelittlethings.







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