Inside Chick-fil-A

A look at how our menu has evolved, as we continue serving our guests quality, delicious food

Our dedicated team of chefs, registered dietitians and other food experts are working hard every day to make our food even better. We have more work ahead of us, but we would like to share our journey with you.


Introduced fruit cup on the menu 


Removed artificial trans fat from menu (seven years before the FDA required restaurants to start phasing it out) 


Removed high-fructose corn syrup from select menu items 


Added grilled nuggets entrée option to Kid’s Meal (first in industry to offer grilled entrée for kids)
Discontinued promotion of soda as part of Kid’s Meal menu 



Began reducing sodium in menu items
Removed Yellow #5 from Chicken Noodle Soup 


Announced plan to source 100 percent cage-free eggs over the next 10 years, with the eggs to be served in all restaurants nationwide by year-end 2026

Re-introduced our Grilled Chicken Sandwich cooked on our proprietary grill to give a backyard-grilled flavor


Removed artificial colors and high-fructose corn syrup from many of our dressings and sauces
Added the Greek Yogurt Parfait with fresh fruit and a choice of toppings as a side item
Removed TBHQ, artificial color and artificial flavor from butter oil used for buns and biscuits 


Added first organic menu option, Honest Kids Appley Ever After® juice drink
Introduced the Egg White Grill, our first breakfast sandwich made with grilled chicken
Removed artificial colors from Icedream® dessert


Added gluten-free bun to menu
Replaced iodized salt with sea salt on Waffle Potato Fries™


Added the Egg White Grill, our first breakfast sandwich made with grilled chicken 

Fulfilled our commitment to serve only chicken raised with No Antibiotics Ever nationwide   


Added Kale Crunch Side to the menu 



Introduced the first plant-forward entree on the menu in select markets

Introducing a larger kale crunch side item

Projects in progress

Removing artificial flavors and colors from artificial sources from dressings, sauces, desserts, and Mac & Cheese

Reducing sodium in select menu items, including some dressings and sauces