Parachuting cows in to stadium

Inside Chick-fil-A

Ever seen 5,000 parachuting cows? We have.

If you’ve ever attended the Chick-fil-A Kickoff Game or the Chick-fil-A Peach Bowl, then you’ve seen them: cows. Thousands of them. Wearing parachutes.

The “cow drop” is a pre-game tradition that dates back to 2004. Usually concealed to television viewers at home, in the final moments before the game begins, an aerial assault of 5,000 parachuting plush Chick-fil-A Cows descend into the Georgia Dome’s colorful stands of spirited college football fans.

But those cows don’t fly themselves. While football fans are busy anticipating the big game, nearly 50 brave volunteers are waiting in the heights to toss the tiny bovines from the Georgia Dome’s A-ring, a catwalk suspended 21 stories above the field. Throughout the years, these adventurous volunteers have sent nearly 53,000 cows sailing into the hands of smiling fans.

This year’s cow drop at the Chick-fil-A Kickoff Game, the epic match-up between the Georgia Bulldogs and the North Carolina Tar Heels held on Sept. 3, was no exception. Go behind the scenes to see what it takes to make it rain…cows.



Experience the cow drop from the stands with our 360 video. Don't forget to look up. 


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