When Team Member Matthew Nunez offered to share his umbrella with Chick-fil-A® guests one rainy day in El Paso, he sparked something powerful. Matthew saw a sudden downpour coming, grabbed a big red and white umbrella, and personally kept customers dry as they ventured from the parking lot to his store. 

Footage of Matthew jogging alongside customers as they walked into the restaurant went viral, but anyone who’s met Matthew knows that going above and beyond is just what he does. His willingness to risk the rain and make sure his community stayed dry inspired over 300 opportunities for giving in Atlanta and Miami this autumn.

Following in Matthew’s footsteps, Chick-fil-A staff handed out packs of two umbrellas to passersby in the two cities for the next time a storm rolled in. Why two umbrellas? So each person could keep one umbrella for him or herself and give the second to someone else to use, whether on that day or in the future.  

“It’s good to give an umbrella on a day like today, because you never know what the next hour has for you,” one umbrella recipient said. “Things that look insignificant to us, can change somebody’s day for the better.”