A beautiful way to start your day.

They wake up early. Very early. Afer alarm clocks clang around 4 AM, they scramble to grab warm clothes, a to-go cup of coffee and a camera.

Every morning, all around the world, countless early risers leave their homes for very the same reason: To watch Mother Nature put on another spectacular show.

To see this spectacular morning ritual for ourselves, we visited two popular spots in Arizona: Sedona and the Grand Canyon National Park. And Mother Nature did not disappoint

“For me, a sunrise is just a time when everything is at its most beautiful,” remarked Samantha, who came to watch with her boyfriend, Uriel. The temperature was in the low-20s, but it didn’t seem to faze the couple as they sat on the Canyon’s ledge and enjoyed the entire performance. 

Chris and his wife Ellie traveled from across the country to take in their early morning show in Sedona. From their perch near Airport Mesa, Chris noted, “If you are in the middle of the country, if you are at the coast, if you are up in the mountains you can see a completely different picture … but awe-inspiring, nonetheless.”

Where will you watch your next sunrise?


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