These guests are committed to keeping their Chick-fil-A out of harm’s way

Whether it’s turning your center console into a dipping tray for your favorite Chick-fil-A sauce or buckling dinner into your kid’s car seat, one thing is certain: our guests get creative when taking care of their precious cargo. Here are some of our favorite ways that guests are taking their meals on wheels:

1. A nook made for nuggets
There comes a time when you may have to choose between using this space as a coin holder or a nugget holder. A little food for thought: nuggets are tastier than coins.

2. A side (door) of fries

This adds a whole new meaning to the phrase “a side of fries.”

3. The sauce slot
There’s no crying over spilled sauce here.

4. Securing the bag

You know how the saying goes: Click it or pick it up off the floor. Well, something like that.

5. Safety first
The most cooperative mini passenger you ever did meet.

6. Mommy and me (& her minis)

When you’re a mom, it feels like there’s a checklist for everything, even when taking the kids out for a stroll. Binky? Check. Wipes? Check. Kid? Check. Minis? Check and check.

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