Tips from a professional photographer

How many photos did you take at your kid’s last baseball game? Or your friend’s wedding shower? Enough to reach your storage limit?

Now that we’re armed with camera phones at all times, we’re taking a lot of pictures. Last year, Instagram said that people are now posting 95 million photos and videos to its site every single day. That’s a lot of selfies!

In order to make sure that more of your shots are keepers, we’ve partnered with photographer Jana Williams to get some tips for taking the best photos with your phones.

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Here are Jana’s tips for making sure kids – and parents – always stay in the picture.

The Basics:
• Always double check that your photo is in focus. You can do this by touching the screen over the main object or person in the frame.
• Your best “zoom” is actually walking closer to what you’re shooting or cropping after the photo is taken.
• Natural light is always your best friend.

Best time to take a pic:

• The “magic hour” is right before the sun sets.
• Turn people towards the light so you can brighten their faces, or put their backs to the light to get an artsy effect.
• Avoid shooting at noon. But if you must, look for a white wall or a white car to be a light reflector.

How to take an action shot:

• Never stop the action!
• Think about perspective. Position yourself so they’re coming at you or take an aerial photo from above.
• Take multiple shots. Use the burst-mode on your phone -- it helps you take a lot of photos fast.

How to photograph kids:

• Come down to their eye level.
• Ask them to give you a silly face, or a mad face. Once they’re warmed up, then ask for a smile.
• If you’re taking the photo at an event or at a beach, do it early so everyone can go have fun.

How to take memorable vacation shots:

• Use pool noodles or squirt guns as fun props.
• Before you go, look on social media for good spots where other families have taken photos.
• Always pay attention to your background. Look for one that is a solid color or has blocks of solid colors.
• Always turn your camera around to make sure you get in some pictures!


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