We’re showing off America’s front porch in a brand-new way to keep the Halloween tradition of pumpkin peeping alive.

This year, many of our favorite traditions are being turned upside down, Halloween included. But it’s the little things, like friends and neighbors finding new ways to reimagine the traditions we love, that have helped us get through it all with a smile.

Inspired by them, we’re turning our social media platforms into virtual versions of America’s front porch this Halloween, hosting our first-ever online Halloween Pumpkin Parade, made up of submissions from people like you. Because we know that beyond costumes and candy, the real joy of Halloween is about getting creative and carving out a little time for fun.

If you’re carving a pumpkin this season, you’re encouraged to submit a picture or video of it in all its glowy glory and it may be included in the Chick-fil-A® Halloween Pumpkin Parade. We’ll be editing submissions together into one continuous jack-o’-lantern showcase to be posted on social media. Submit today and you may see your pumpkin flickering on our virtual front porch for all of America to enjoy!

Here’s how:

  1. Carve your pumpkin. Be creative and have fun — we’re looking for jack-o’-lanterns of all shapes, sizes and themes! For legal reasons, we request that you use one of our templates or an original design of your own, and not any designs that are licensed (like superheroes or brand logos, for example), so please keep this in mind when planning your pumpkin. For inspiration, check out our carving templates here.
  2. Snap a video or photo. Using your smartphone (or a camera if you prefer), take a vertical, 10-second video (or still photograph) of your jack-o’-lantern, centered in the frame, lit from within and flickering in the dark. See below for tips on getting the perfect shot.
  3. Send it all to us. Email your original jack-o’-lantern photo or video along with the first name or family name of the carver(s) to us at by 5 PM EST Wednesday, October 28, 2020. Also include the hashtag #ShareChickfilA to confirm you have read and approve our use of your content as provided in our User Generated Content Guidelines found here:


Submission guidelines can be found here

Tips and Tricks:

  • Design mindfully. Remember, we are looking for original designs. Do not include any designs that may belong to others, and make sure your designs aren’t brand logos, cartoon or movie characters, superheroes or celebrities. Of course, anything Chick-fil-A themed is A-OK!
  • Set up your pumpkin for success. Select a plain backdrop (your front door or the side of your house would work great!) and make sure there are no visible people or details anywhere in the shot. Light up your jack-o’-lantern using a candle or another safe light source and shoot it in a dark environment. Only one pumpkin per video or photo, please.
  • Steadiness is key. We’re looking for vertical footage of pumpkins shot head-on without any camera movements or zooming. Vertical simply means your phone us upright, not turned sideways. If you are using a smartphone or digital camera, use a tripod if available. If not, you can get creative by carefully propping the phone up on something tall.
  • Remember to shoot in a spot that is logo-, human- and artwork-free. Do not include any logos, people’s faces, or artwork in the background of your submission so we will be able to use it in our final piece.
  • Submit your video or photo along with the first name of the carver (e.g., Jane) or your family name (e.g., The Jones Family) and the hashtag #ShareChickfilA.
  • If you’re shooting video, limit your video to around 10 seconds or less in order to reduce the file size when submitting via email.
  • If you need technical assistance, email us at

Terms and Conditions:
Here are some important terms and conditions that you should read and understand prior to submitting a photo or video:

  • By submitting a photo or video with #ShareChickfilA, you grant us permission to use your content as provided in our User Generated Content Terms of Use, available at
  • You must be 18 years or older and live in the United States to submit a photo.
  • All submissions must be made by October, 28, 2020, 5 p.m. EST. Any photo submitted must meet the above criteria or we may not be able to use it.
  • Chick-fil-A will not return content that has been submitted. Chick-fil-A is under no obligation to use any submission and will choose the submissions for the final video at its sole and absolute discretion. No purchase is required.
  • All submissions may be made available to the public, including but not limited to posting on the social media, television, or any other media. 


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