Our favorite Chick-fil-A-inspired promposals of 2018

Happy Promposal season! There’s nothing sweeter than an elaborate prom invitation – especially when it incorporates Chick-fil-A!

Through the years, we’ve seen Waffle Fry-inspired requests, messages from the Cows and even promposals using our own restaurants signs. This year, one Restaurant even helped a Team Member find a date with some very creative advertising.


If you’re still searching for your own last-minute promposal idea, stop by your local Chick-fil-A for your date’s favorite treat and accompany it with a clever message: 

  1. Nugget of wisdom: Say YES to prom with me!
  2. Don’t be Chikin! Will you go to prom with me?
  3. It would be “my pleasure” to take you to prom!
  4. Be the Nugget to my Chick-fil-A sauce and say yes to prom with me!

Once your date says yes, don’t forget to tag us, so we can include your pics in this round-up of our favorite Chick-fil-A promposals. Here’s a few from this year:


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