A reheatable tray from Chick-fil-A, a manicure and a growing garden. Does it get any better?

Moms. They are the event planners, caterers, medics, CEOs – and sometimes all at once. You name it, they do it. So, this Mother’s Day, give mom something she could really use: a day off.

While we aren’t open on Sundays, we’ve still got you covered for Mother’s Day: A reheatable Chick-fil-A tray of Chilled Chick-fil-A Nuggets or Chilled Chick-fil-A Chick-n-Strips will take care of lunch or dinner.

Here are a few other gift ideas that fit every mom (and every budget).

Date Night
Give mom an evening away from the house with dinner at her favorite restaurant and tickets to a movie. The twist? Set everything up in advance and send her to meet up with her best friends for a girls’ night out. Make reservations using a site like OpenTable. Print out the movie tickets at and slip them in her purse so she doesn't have to do a thing.

Stress Relief
Send mom out for a massage, a manicure or a facial at a spa. An hour alone at the local nail place makes up for all that time in traffic during her morning commute.

Attention to Detail
Hire a portable car cleaning service to come detail her car. She’ll be thrilled to see a crumb-free carpet and windows without greasy fingerprints. Well, for five minutes, at least.

Clean as a Whistle
Take it up a notch and hire a housekeeper to scrub your home top to bottom. Don't know where to find one? Check out a site like Double bonus points: Have the housekeeper come while mom is getting that massage. Few things in life are better than coming home to a clean house after a day at the spa.

All the Feelings
Want a gift that will make mom verklempt? Personalized, handwritten jewelry will do it. Several online shops, including many on, allow you to upload a photo of your child’s handwriting that is then engraved on bracelets, necklaces, and other jewelry. Etsy shops like this one and this one offer a variety of choices in different precious metals. It’s a perfect choice for a mom or grandmother with little ones in the family.

Create a Tradition
Find your mom’s favorite plant and buy one this year, along with soil, and a pot if necessary. Plant it together, either in your pot or in the yard. Flowers can be finicky, so check the USDA's Hardiness Zone Map to make sure you are selecting the right type of plant for your area. Next year, plant more that complement the ones mom already has, or even give her the same blooms in another color. You’ll create a gorgeous garden, and even more beautiful memories.

Savor the Moment
Create a time capsule with memorable items or ones that show the season your family is in now. Have a kid who plays baseball? Have your child sign and date an extra ball. Have a baby? Include a onesie that shows how little your wee one is. Be sure to include a recent photo (with a date on the back) of all your family members together. Once mom has a chance to look at each item and hear why you chose it, head outside and bury it together. In five to ten years, you’ll be able to dig it up and sweetly reminisce on one of the best Mother’s Day gifts she’s ever received.

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