How one dance team caught the world’s attention… with Chick-fil-A!

A high school drill team from Texas performed an ode to Chick-fil-A in a video that’s gone viral, with millions watching their hilarious dance – and very clever costumes.

The video, originally posted on Facebook, now has more than 13 million views -- and the cow-clad teenagers and their imaginative coach can’t believe the quirky number is reaching people around the globe.

Kathryn Calaway is the director for the Bobcat Belles, a high school dance troupe in Hallsville, Tex., a small town about 140 miles east of Dallas. Calaway says the team competes in several categories like jazz and contemporary. But the crowd favorite is always the novelty dance and that’s where the cows come in.

“Our assistant director and I started brainstorming last summer about what to do,” Calaway said. “We planned on it being a barnyard theme with the dancers as different animals.  But as we listened to all the cow music, it was just too good to pass up. We found the cow costume online and that was it. We had to go for it with the cows.”

They’ve been working on the dance since November and performed it three times so far: first at a basketball game and then a local showcase. Then came the Dallas Grand finale competition March 3, where a spectator caught the dance on camera. 

When Calaway first heard about the video, it had 7,000 views.

“We were excited then.  We were like, that’s a lot of views because Hallsville has a population of about 3,000 people, so that’s double the number of people that live in our town. We just thought that was exciting alone and then it just jumped in a day.”

The number of Facebook views now is higher than the population of Georgia, Chick-fil-A’s home state. Not to mention the 101,000 Facebook shares.

Grace Soules is a Junior Line Captain for the Belles. She’s blown away by the attention. “I never in a million years would have thought our little town and our team would go viral.  I think it’s so fun to bring joy to people.”

The season is almost over and Calaway says she’s already feeling the pressure to top the cow dance. 

“We are always trying to outdo ourselves. No matter what, they have fun and it’s just a special moment that the girls deserve because they work so hard.” 

The cows have a final chance to take the stage at their national competition in Galveston, Tex., at the end of March. They won the last competition with their Chick-fil-A routine and hope to make it a sweep, delighting the audience one last time. Before, they had the element of surprise. Not this time.     

“We have a rule for our team: We like to keep our routines a secret until after Nationals,” Calaway says. “When we saw the audience member posted that routine and the 7,000 views, we thought ‘Well, the cat is out of the bag.’” 

More like, the cow is out of the barn. 


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