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Spreading Care through Pajamas: Josh’s Jammies

March 4, 2024

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Chick-fil-A Team Member donates over 4,000 pairs of pajamas through self-started nonprofit

Imagine a world in which every sick child received treatment in the comfort of warm and cozy pajamas, rather than a standard hospital gown. It was during a St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital commercial that then, 12-year-old Josh Holmes, had this very same thought. Little did he know, nine years later, he would help donate nearly 4,000 pairs of pajamas to local hospitals around his hometown, Baltimore, Maryland.   

Josh’s Jammies Journey   

Established in 2015, Josh’s Jammies is a nonprofit that collects and donates pajamas to local hospitals, benefiting children primarily in the NICU/PICU who are battling cancer. Currently, the nonprofit partners with Sinai Hospital, Mt. Washington Pediatric Hospital and University of Maryland Hospital's NICU and PICU units – with hopes to expand to other local hospitals. Josh, now 19 years old, also serves as a manager at Chick-fil-A Frederick North, while running the nonprofit alongside his mom, Jennifer.   

“When we first started, I was just a kid, but I’ve always known that I’ve wanted to help people,” said Josh, founder of Josh’s Jammies. “I never could’ve dreamed that Josh’s Jammies would turn into what it is today, but I couldn’t have done it without so many people stepping up and helping. From my mom and stepdad rolling pajamas with me at night, to my local Chick-fil-A wearing ‘Josh’s Jammies’ bracelets and making donations themselves, to other non-profit and community leaders taking me under their wing, I am blown away by the support.” 

A Village of Support   

Each year, Josh’s Jammies hosts two large collections, one starting in September – Cancer Awareness Month – and another in the summer. The donations have grown so large that Josh’s Jammies has become a recognized organization, thanks to the support of his community, family and local Chick-fil-A restaurant, which plans on becoming an official drop off location for donated pajamas in 2024.   

“When Josh first approached me about Josh’s Jammies, I was so inspired,” said Chick-fil-A Frederick North local Owner-Operator, Dwight Sones. “My family and I have personally experienced extended stays in a hospital, and for some, it might be easy to say, 'it’s just pajamas.' But when you’re in that sterile hospital setting, having something warm and cozy wrapped around you that reminds you of home, it means the world.”   

Even with his managerial position at Chick-fil-A Frederick North and time spent in clinicals to become a physical therapist assistant, Josh continues to dedicate his time, energy and resources to grow Josh’s Jammies.   

To learn more about Josh’s Jammies, please visit, or to discover how Chick-fil-A is providing care to local communities, visit