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Meet the 2023 True Inspiration Awards grant winners

January 10, 2023

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Learn how this year’s honorees are fighting hunger, preserving farmland, pioneering early education – and so much more

From preserving farmland to repurposing leftover food, the 2023 True Inspiration Awards grant recipients each carry on Chick-fil-A Founder S. Truett Cathy’s legacy of generosity and care in a unique way.

This year, Chick-fil-A granted a combined total of $5 million to 46 nonprofit organizations with a common mission: creating a brighter future.

Since 2015, the True Inspiration Awards program has awarded 250 grants to organizations creating impactful change in their local neighborhoods. This year’s recipients were recognized for their impact through Caring for People, Caring for Communities, Caring for Others through Food and Caring for our Planet – categories that align with Chick-fil-A’s corporate social responsibility focus areas.

Learn more about how five of this year’s recipients are leaving a legacy.

Seeking stability for families in New Orleans

Since 1896, Clover (formerly Kingsley House) has had an unwavering commitment to strengthening children and families in New Orleans. Now in its 126th year, the organization has broadened its advocacy strategies to advance stability for families most impacted by economic and social inequities in the region.

“With this grant, we expect to be able to serve at least 400 additional individuals in New Orleans,” said Keith Liederman, Clover’s chief executive officer. “We will be able to expand our impact in education, health, employment and economic security, which are all linked to disrupting root causes of cyclical poverty in our city.”

From early education programs and daycare for at-risk senior citizens to job readiness training and summer camps, the breadth of support that Clover offers to at-risk individuals in New Orleans is inspiring.

“We will continue to wholeheartedly work toward our vision of a city and region where all young children are ready to succeed,” he added. “A place where all people can truly thrive.”

Addressing hunger from coast to coast

Fighting food insecurity and reducing food waste are two main goals of this year’s recipients. Based in New York City, Rescuing Leftover Cuisine has redistributed more than 9.8 million pounds of excess food since its inception in 2013, providing over 8.1 million meals and reducing greenhouse gas emissions by over 3.6 million pounds.

With this year’s True Inspiration Awards grant, the organization’s food rescue expansion program will onboard more food donor partners as they increase their services to even more neighborhoods across the country.

Prioritizing the planet

For Three Rivers Land Trust in Central North Carolina, part of leaving a legacy for future generations means acting now to conserve rural land.

With this year’s True Inspiration Awards grant, the nonprofit will create a Farmland Protection Fund that will work to shield fertile farmland, helping to meet increasing demand for food. The fund will also aim to preserve the heritage of farm agriculture and promote economic development in farming communities.

In Phoenix, Ariz., Creighton Community Foundation aims to carry out a single mission: building stronger neighborhoods through service.

The True Inspiration Awards grant will help fund the Creighton Community Foundation’s development of a new community garden site that will address nutritional and environmental needs of the surrounding low-income neighborhoods served by the organization’s long-standing community projects.

“Places are made with shared identity and interests,” said Executive Director Jeff Boles. “This grant will advance our work creating outdoor food spaces in food insecure neighborhoods, improve nutrition, address hunger, inspire people to connect and nurture better futures for all in thriving communities.”

Serving families in need

For many experiencing homelessness in West Michigan, the path to home ownership is filled with seemingly insurmountable challenges.

Family Promise of Grand Rapids (FPGR) is addressing the area’s affordable housing crisis, empowering young, disadvantaged families to realize a future in which they never experience homelessness again.

With the True Inspiration Awards grant, FPGR will purchase and renovate additional homes, investing in families with children for one to two years.

“When I learned that we had been awarded a grant, I couldn’t help but get emotional,” said Cheryl Schuch, FPGR’s chief executive officer. “I thought of all the families we will be able to impact and the hope we’ll share with them.”

Visit our True Inspiration Awards page to learn more about all our 2023 grant recipients.