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10 benefits of being a Chick-fil-A One member

March 14, 2023

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Over 50 million members have joined Chick-fil-A One®. So what’s in it for you? Here’s how to get the most out of our tiered membership program.

  • 1. Delicious rewards

    Chick-fil-A One® members get points on qualifying purchases every time they order their favorites at a Chick-fil-A restaurant.

  • 2. Best birthday gift ever

    We love celebrating, especially when it comes to our guests. Members at every tier receive a birthday reward from Chick-fil-A. Simply add your birthday to your account information and we’ll gift you a tasty reward.

  • 3. Savable, craveable favorites

    With Chick-fil-A One, you can save your favorites — both menu items and restaurant locations — so you can order the things you love in just a few taps.

  • 4. Order and pay ahead

    Use the Chick-fil-A App or place an order online. Or skip the line by placing a dine-in mobile order. Members can also save payment methods, transfer funds from a gift card, or use Apple Pay® or Google Pay™ in the Chick-fil-A App.

  • 5. Get bonus points

    Select restaurants offer the opportunity for Chick-fil-A One members to get bonus points through special promotions and challenges, like placing a mobile order.

  • 6. Get rewards, give rewards

    Once you reach Silver Status, you can start gifting rewards to loved ones — whether it’s for a warm bowl of soup when they’re feeling under the weather or a cookie to say congratulations.

  • 7. Be the first to know

    Members get notified about new and limited-time menu offerings before anyone else.

  • 8. Contribute to charity

    In times of need, members are given opportunities to donate to charities through the Chick-fil-A App. Also, every year you get to vote on local nonprofits to help us determine regional winners for our True Inspiration Award grants.

  • 9. Exclusive rewards

    As you reach higher tiers, you gain access to one-of-a-kind experiences such as Signature Surprises (hint: free swag!) and Backstage Tours at Chick-fil-A’s Support Center in Atlanta.

  • 10. Bragging rights

    There is nothing better than a little friendly competition. Wow your friends as you climb through tiers, redeem rewards, and enjoy exclusive experiences.

    For additional details on Chick-fil-A One and how to join, visit

    *The Chick-fil-A App is not accepted at Chick-fil-A Express and Chick-fil-A licensed locations such as those in airports, college campuses, office complexes and hospitals. These locations are not owned and operated by Chick-fil-A franchisees but are operated by professional third-party food contractors. Chick-fil-A Express and Chick-fil-A licensed locations do not currently offer guests the ability to earn points or redeem rewards through the Chick-fil-A App.

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