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“A little extra” went a long way for Florida scholarship recipient

When she was a child, Saskya Simon’s mother used to tell her, “the difference between ordinary and extraordinary is that little extra.” It’s a quote she has kept close to her heart, motivating her to work hard and be her best.

And it’s one she relied on when she pushed through one of the most challenging, stressful times of her life. While Simon’s niece, Jayla, is now happy and healthy, she was born more than two months premature and weighed less than two pounds. Jayla was hospitalized during the first few weeks of her life, and Simon’s studies struggled as she supported her family.

Her plan was to enroll in a nursing program, but she failed a portion of her entrance exam as she tried to balance the stresses and demands associated with Jayla’s hospitalization. Rather than give in, she remembered what her mother always told her, inspiring her to find “that little extra” in her pursuit. Thanks to that determination, she passed the exam on her second try and went on to become the valedictorian of the program.

What’s next for Simon? She will further her studies at Florida State University as the first member of her family to attend college. And, with an eye on a degree in biomedical sciences, she has even bigger plans for after she graduates.

“Saskya has dreams of opening up her own practice, which will specialize in helping premature babies. That is near to her heart, given what her family went through,” said Efraim Silva, the franchise Operator at the Pompano Beach Chick-fil-A, where Simon has worked for more than a year.

Silva surprised Simon with the news that she had been selected as one of 13 Chick-fil-A Team Members to receive a $25,000 Chick-fil-A True Inspiration Scholarship for her outstanding leadership, academic achievement and community involvement.

Watch the video to see how Simon reacted to receiving the news!

The True Inspiration Scholarship is part of Chick-fil-A’s Remarkable Futures initiative. Last year, more than 5,700 Team Members received $14.65 million in scholarships. Since 1973, nearly 46,700 Team Members have been awarded $61 million in scholarships.  

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