Test your knowledge of this Southern dish

It's been a Southern favorite for generations and is now making its way onto the Chick-fil-A menu for the first time. Whether you live in the South or not, we hope you’ll learn a little something about pimento cheese in this fun quiz – and get excited about the new Honey Pepper Pimento Chicken Sandwich.

1. What are the three main ingredients in the basic pimento cheese recipe?

A. Peppers, cheese and eggs
B. Chopped ham, cheese and pimentos
C. Cheese, mayonnaise and peppers
D. Pimentos, olives and cheese


Home cooks and professional chefs have many secret ingredients they add to their version of pimento cheese, but one thing remains the same. The three basic ingredients in a simple pimento cheese recipe usually are cheese, mayonnaise and pimento peppers.

2. The pimento cheese recipe originated in . . .

A. Georgia
B. New York
C. Louisiana
D. Tennessee


Most people think of pimento cheese as being a Southern dish. So, you might be surprised to know that the recipe originated in New York, where farmers took soft, unripened cheese and mixed it with pimiento peppers. Over time, the recipe evolved and spread throughout the country, but its origin is attributed to New York.

3. What country do pimientos — the pepper used in pimento cheese – originate from?

A. Spain
B. United States
C. The Philippines
D. Panama


Around the late 1800s, about the same time farmers were using soft cheese in recipes, sweet red peppers called pimientos were being imported to the Americas from Spain. Eventually, that extra “i” was dropped, and the name became pimento peppers.

4. What well known sporting event serves pimento cheese sandwiches?

A. Kentucky Derby
B. The World Series
C. Stanley Cup Final
D. The Masters


Sometimes called “caviar of the South”, pimento cheese sandwiches have been served at the Masters, which is held at the Augusta National Golf Club, since the 1940s.

5. What other country besides the United States has pimento cheese sandwich as a common snack?

A. England
B. The Philippines
C. Mexico
D. South Africa


Pimento cheese is a popular snack in the Philippines, where Filipinos call it “cheese pimiento”.

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