Food for fuel, balance and all the feels

When hunger strikes and you’re on-the-go, calorie counting can be a struggle. Here are six filling Chick-fil-A meals with 600 calories or fewer that will honor your hunger and your taste buds – at any time of day!

A better breakfast

1) 350 Calories: Start your morning off right with an Egg White Grill (290 calories). You'll love pairing grilled chicken with a toasted multigrain English muffin, egg whites and American cheese. Round out this meal with a Fruit Cup (60 calories) and a THRIVE Farmer’s™ Coffee (0 calories) for a breakfast that means business.

2) 580 Calories: Savor the flavor of our 
Bacon, Egg & Cheese Biscuit (420 calories). Get your vitamin C fix with some Simply Orange® Orange Juice (160 calories) and welcome a bright, sunshine-y day.

Lunches for the long haul

3) 570 Calories: Pair the 
Spicy Chicken Sandwich (450 calories) with the Kale Crunch Side (120 calories) for a meal that will excite and sustain. 

4) 490 Calories: Kick the midday slump with the 
Cobb Salad with Grilled Nuggets (400 calories). Enjoy it with the Fat-Free Honey Mustard Dressing (90 calories) and own your afternoon.

Dinners to delight

5) 530 Calories: Discover the thrill of grilled with this nutritious twist on our Nuggets. Pair our 8-count 
Grilled Nuggets (110 calories) with a side of Small Waffle Potato Fries® (280 calories) and add in the always-popular Chick-fil-A® Sauce (140 calories) for an evening full of Chick-fil-A favorites.

6) 580 Calories: End your day with fresh fruits and delicious Grilled Chicken all prepared in the 
Market Salad (330 calories). Top with Light Balsamic Vinaigrette Dressing (80 calories) and sail into the sunset with an Icedream® Cone (170 calories) and a smile.

Morning or night, head to your
closest Chick-fil-A for a filling, delicious meal you won’t feel guilty about.

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