The truth about Chick-fil-A’s ‘secret menu’

The internet is full of conspiracy theories. Loch Ness Monsters, UFOs, Secret Menus at Chick-fil-A.

Yes, you read that correctly. Not everything you read on the internet is true, but one thing is for certain: There is no Chick-fil-A Secret Menu. No blueberry cheesecake milkshakes. No chicken quesadilla. No grilled cheese sandwiches. No fried pickles.

But not to worry! While there may not be a secret menu, there are several concoctions you can create on your own.


  • Cookie Icedream® Sandwich – The next time you dine with us, purchase a cup of Icedream and two Chocolate Chunk Cookies. Place the Icedream on the bottom of one cookie and then slowly press the bottom of the second cookie on top of the Icedream. Congratulations – you just made your own Cookie Icedream sandwich!
  • Icedream Fruit Cup – Want something sweet, fruity and cold for dessert? Purchase a cup of Icedream and a fruit cup. Place the fruit on top of the Icedream and you have a delicious treat to cool you off on a warm summer’s day!
  • Chick-n-Minis™ Masterpiece – Are you ready for the ultimate breakfast (mini) sandwich? Order Chick-n-Minis, hash browns and your favorite sauce. Open the Chick-n-Mini roll, dip the hash brown in the sauce, stack it on top of the chicken, close the roll and enjoy. Pair with our THRIVE coffee – or one of our Frosted treats (because, really, why not?) – to start your day off right.
  • Double Cookie Milkshake – Love cookies, milkshakes and milkshakes that taste like cookies? Who doesn’t! Just order a Cookies & Cream Milkshake and Chocolate Chip Cookie. Crumble the cookie into the milkshake, mix it up and before you know it you’ll be in cookie heaven!

There are also a few ways to spice up your order, from spinning the chicken in spicy sauce to adding Pepper Jack cheese or salsa.

Your local Chick-fil-A may even offer special items from time to time. For example, many California restaurants offer packets of guacamole. A special cheese sauce is offered in 436 restaurants across the country. Restaurants in Texas and New Mexico offer jalapeño peppers and nine restaurants in Iowa, Arizona and Arkansas offer chicken gravy!

These are just a few of the options for adventurous fans looking to create their own underground menu delights.

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